Approval and Stakeholders

Remediation was undertaken to clean up unwanted by-products of gas production that had remained on the site since the gasworks was decommissioned in 1958. Following investigation of the area by specialist contaminated land consultants engaged by RailCorp, the site was assessed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) as posing a Significant Risk of Harm as defined by the Contaminated Land Management Act 19971. In consultation with the EPA, RailCorp determined that it was necessary to undertake remediation of the site.

In order to complete the remediation works, RailCorp obtained Project Approval from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment (DoP&E). The process to achieve Project Approval for the remediation comprised the following key steps:

  • Preparation of a Preliminary Environmental Assessment to identify key project issues (completed in April 2010);
  • Specialist studies on the site to better understand these key issues, and to identify the safest and most effective way of completing the project (throughout 2010 and 2011);
  • Preparation of a full Environmental Assessment (EA) to detail the outcomes of the above studies (complete March 2012);
  • Lodgement of the EA with the DoP&E (April 2012);
  • Public exhibition of and obtaining of feedback on the EA (April/May/June 2012); and
  • Review and approval by the Minister for Planning (January 2013).

The Project Approval allowed RailCorp to undertake the remediation of the site, however due to the sensitive nature of the work, there were multiple stakeholders that required ongoing consultation until all project works were complete. These parties included but were not limited to:

The local community

RailCorp and the project contractor, Ventia, implemented a program of community consultation to inform residents and other interested parties of the project and keep them up to date with its progress. The consultation program included a 24hr information line (1800 009 414), regular newsletters and this website. For interested residents living adjacent to the remediation site, doorknocks were made and briefings were provided.

Department of Planning & Environment

DoP&E was involved to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Project Approval and to review and approve relevant plans such as the Traffic Management Plan and the Noise Management Plan.

NSW EPA Accredited Site Auditor

The Auditor independently reviewed reports on assessment, remediation and validation actions to ensure that the methodology used by consultants and remediation contractors was consistent with current EPA regulations and guidelines.  The Auditor, Mr Andrew Kohlrusch of GHD Pty Ltd, became involved with the project in early 2010. Now that the project is finished, he will complete a Site Audit Statement and Site Audit Report. The Audit Report will detail the project’s compliance with the relevant legislation including the Contaminated Land Management Act (1997) and the Protection of the Environment Operations Act (1997).


While the Auditor ensured compliance with the technical requirements of guidelines for contaminated lands, the EPA was involved in the review and monitoring of environmental aspects of the project.

City of Sydney

The City of Sydney reviewed the management plans for noise and traffic.

All major documents associated with the Project Approval are available at the following link:

  1. The CLM Act has since been updated and the term ‘Significant Risk of Harm’ is no longer applicable under the current legislation. The new term is ‘Significant Enough to Warrant Regulation’.