Future Use

Remediation was undertaken to clean up unwanted by-products of gas production that had remained on the site since the Macdonaldtown Gasworks was decommissioned in 1958. The remediation work involved the excavation and removal of contaminated soil and other materials.

Now that the project is complete (August 2016), the site will be used by Sydney Trains for storage and staging works, which was its use prior to being remediated.

The site has been fully reinstated with clean material, meaning that contaminants are no longer able to impact the environment. In addition, the western portion has been replanted with native vegetation to improve the appearance and biodiversity of the area. The revegetation used grasses, shrubs and mature trees. Local residents with properties directly adjacent to the former gasworks were consulted about the revegetation works before the landscaping plans were finalised.

The heritage-listed ‘southern gasholder’ was restored as part of the remediation project and has remained in its original position. Installation of heritage interpretation signage on the site and in other visible areas of the neighbourhood is planned for later in 2016. The site has been graded to prevent ponding of water and fenced to prevent unauthorised access.

There are currently no plans for further development of the site (August 2016). Any future development would be subject to all the normal planning approval processes required for development in the area.


Site immediately after the completion of the remediation project
Site immediately after the completion of the remediation project