Commissioning of the ECE, ECS and WTP

Before full scale remediation excavations commenced, temporary infrastructure and plant essential to the process were commissioned. Items assembled on the site, such as the Environmental Control Enclosure (ECE), Emission Control System (ECS) and Water Treatment Plant (WTP), were systematically inspected, tested and checked to ensure that they were operating effectively and safely. The commissioning occurred through several stages, with each step requiring satisfactory completion before moving to the next. The stages were:

Mechanical and electrical shakedown

Infrastructure and plant were checked to confirm they had been assembled correctly and that all mechanical and electrical systems were working as expected.

Clean commissioning

Once it had been established that all mechanical and electrical systems were functioning, the operation of the infrastructure and plant was simulated by introducing clean air to the environmental control enclosure and the emission control system, and clean water to the water treatment plant. Clean air and water were used during this commissioning stage so that any faults within the equipment could be identified promptly. The operations were closely monitored and testing demonstrated that the infrastructure and plant were operating effectively and safely.

Proof of performance

The final stage of commissioning was ‘proof of performance’ testing. The purpose of this stage was to demonstrate that the plant and equipment could perform within strict operational limits under full scale remediation conditions. An intensive environmental monitoring program was undertaken during the proof of performance testing.

Following the completion of the commissioning stages, full scale remediation excavations commenced. Monitoring and checks of the plant and equipment were ongoing to ensure that any changes or problems were identified and the remediation was completed safely.