Planning Approval

In order to undertake the remediation works, RailCorp required Project Approval from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment (DoP&E). The process to achieve Project Approval for the remediation comprised the following key steps:

  • Preparation of a Preliminary Environmental Assessment to identify key project issues (completed in April 2010);
  • Specialist studies on the site to better understand these key issues, and to identify the safest and most effective way of completing the project (throughout 2010 and 2011);
  • Preparation of a full Environmental Assessment (EA) to detail the outcomes of the above studies (complete March 2012);
  • Lodgement of the EA with the DoP&E (April 2012);
  • Public exhibition of and obtaining of feedback on the EA document (April/May/June 2012); and
  • Review and approval by the Minister for Planning (January 2013).

RailCorp lodged the EA with the DoP&E in April 2012 and it was placed on public exhibition from 26 April 2012 to 1 June 2012. During this time a number of submissions were received from the community and government agencies such as the EPA, NSW Health, City of Sydney Council and the Heritage Council.

RailCorp considered each submission individually and updated the EA to address the comments received. Following review of the updated EA, the DoP&E approved the Remediation Project on 7 January 2013.

All major documents associated with the Project Approval are available at the following link: