Site Establishment

A number of activities were essential in preparing the site for the temporary infrastructure required for the Macdonaldtown Gasworks Remediation.

Tree removal

One of the first key activities in preparing the site was the removal of trees and other vegetation to allow the underlying contaminated soils to be remediated. After the remediation work was completed, the site was replanted with native vegetation, including advanced tree and shrub species. Adjacent residents were consulted regarding the exact species to be planted and the planting locations. The replanting has improved the appearance and biodiversity of the site.

Underground cable relocation

Underground cables were relocated on the site to enable the construction of temporary office facilities for use by the project team. The cable relocation was also necessary to enable the excavation and removal of the contaminated soil.

Removal of soil containing asbestos

Soil that contained fragments of non-friable, bonded asbestos was removed from four small sections of the site prior to the main excavation works. Nearby residents were advised before each phase of removal.

All soil containing asbestos was disposed of at a specially licensed landfill. The removal was in accordance with the Code of Practice on how to safely remove asbestos and section 274 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.


Construction of temporary infrastructure for the remediation was also important to the site establishment process. Items included the Water Treatment Plant (WTP), the Environmental Control Enclosure (ECE) that covered the main excavation area and its Emission Control System (ECS).